Owner(s) : Tim & Sheila Sullivan

 Year : 1974                            Make : Dodge                       Model : Challenger

Color: Green                          Engine : 318 CI

Modifications other than stock :
340 heads, 4bbl and headers

Unusual options or accessories :
R/T hood and Go-Wing         


Brief description of how you came to own this car and little history on it :
Went to look at a ‘Cuda, but it was more than I wanted to spend.  But sitting next to it was a convertible LeMans, my friend bought it for $200 and then traded it for a car lift.  The guy he traded it to, traded it for a VW Bus.  I towed the LeMans for the guy and when I dropped it off, there in the building behind some old desk, was Challenger.  I bought it and have been putting the pieces back together since.


If low production, give the number produced :


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