Owner(s) : Michael Hadley & Shari Rapposelli

Year : 2003                            Make : Dodge                            Model : SRT-4

Color: Bright Red                          

Engine : 2.4L DOHC, Turbocharged

Modifications other than stock :
Car is currently as delivered from factory. On waiting list for Stage III modifications by Dodge and MoPar Performance.

Unusual options or accessories :  
Delivered with high bucket seats, oil cooler, power steering cooler, 18:1 ratio steering box, 17″ Z rated tires, high capacity clutch, 14 lbs. maximum boost turbocharger, heavy duty knuckles and other chassis components, 2.5″ high flow muffler-less exhaust system.    

Brief description of how you came to own this car and little history on it :
My wife got so tired of my constant obsession with the car, she finally said just go buy one! Unfortunately, they weren’t available in the Mid-West yet. So after many hours internet searches, we located one in Roanoke, IL. Roanoke Motors has the distinction as the largest Viper dealer in the country. As such, he too was anxious to get his hands on the car. The owner, Mr. Gastman, had 4 cars shipped from Florida to his dealership. I rented a car here in Kansas City, drove it one-way to Peoria, IL and drove the red SRT-4 home.

If low production, give the number produced :
Total 2003 SRT-4 production is currently estimated at only 4500.


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