Owner(s) : Michael Galewski

Year : 1971                            Make : Plymouth                            Model :Cuda

Color: Black                          Engine : 340 CI

Modifications other than stock :
Fibertrend AAR style hood with an original AAR Cuda rear spoiler. Some chrome goodies in the engine compartment

Unusual options or accessories :


Brief description of how you came to own this car and little history on it :
Bought it while still living in Minnesota
in 1974 from a kid that was about to go into the Army. It ran ok but was very rough looking.  The front clip was in primer and so out of alignment that the hood would not close all the way. After getting the front fenders properly aligned and installing the fiberglass hood, I had it repainted. After putting on over 160,000 miles I finally had the engine overhauled and am in the process of getting it back on the road.

If low production, give the number produced :


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