Owner(s) : Matt & Mary Thun

Year : 1972                            Make : Plymouth                            Model : ‘Cuda

Color: Tan w/ brown stripes                          

Engine : 340 4 speed

Modifications other than stock :
    Added hood pins and racing mirrors

Unusual options or accessories :  
Power steering, air conditioning, ralley gauges, tinted glass.   

Brief description of how you came to own this car and little history on it :
I saw a picture of a ’72 ‘Cuda on the cover of a 1982 Car Craft magazine and had to have one, no substitutes. I placed a want ad in the Topeka, KS newspaper in 1983 and received about a dozen phone calls from people interested in selling their Barracuda. Not knowing what a ’71 340 4 speed ‘Cuda with a shaker hood was all about, especially for the low price of $1,200, I turned it down to buy this ’72 340 4 speed ‘Cuda with only a double hump hood. Yes, I realized my mistake later on and I still have yet to thank the person who steered me away from the ’71. But this car was still fast and fun. What very little street racing I did with this car proved to a Chevelle, Nova and a Mustang that this car wasn’t to be messed with. I was told by the next owner that when he took the engine in for a rebuild they found the cam missing 2 or 3 lobes and the skirts fell off of all but 2 pistons when they were knocked on the edge of a bench. Still in that condition it ran strong. And that ’71 that got away is supposedly in Topeka undergoing a restoration or lengthy hibernation.

If low production, give the number produced :
340 4 speed with air conditioning. I’m told this was a rare combination.


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