Owner(s) : Matt & Mary Thun

Year : 1993                            Make : Dodge                            Model : Daytona ES

Color: Red                          

Engine : V-6 with a 5sp manual transmission

Modifications other than stock :
Rear window louvers. Otherwise unaltered and intact. Future survivor car (hopeful).

Unusual options or accessories :  
Manual transmission. I believe the manual transmission cars were lower production number cars.    

Brief description of how you came to own this car and little history on it :
The car was 2 years old sitting on a Chevy lot for 6 months or more with no takers. I didn’t have enough money to buy so I kept dreaming for 6 months till I finally had enough money for a down payment. The very day I went to the dealership to seriously look at the car it had sold earlier in the day. About 6 months or so after that I had totaled the car I owned and was looking for a ’92-’93 Daytona without success and was coming to the slow realization I was going to have to buy a temporary solution car. I somehow managed to stumble across the very same Daytona up for sale again that had been on the Chevy lot. The 18 year old girl had to sell the car because she couldn’t afford the insurance on it anymore. At 18 years of age this was her 5th car, she had totaled her 4 previous cars. I was lucky this one didn’t meet the same fate.

If low production, give the number produced :
If you can tell me the number of manual transmission cars produced in comparison to automatics in ’93 I would appreciate it. I’m keeping my eyes open for another one.


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